Client & Training testimonials

One of the best in the industry. Personable yet highly professional, Kiran is passionate about henna and it shows in her work. Kiran’s hallmark style speaks for itself, no Dil Matharu bride is complete without her mehndi gracing their hands. She is always the first port of call for any of my brides.

Dil Matharu Make-up Artiste -

Kiran’s Mehndi leaves us both amazed every time we have the opportunity to work alongside her. She is a true professional and a perfectionist with her work which makes our job a whole lot easier. We always have a good giggle with her and the bride whilst she works her magic on them and I always look forward to shooting any event that we have where Kiran is the Mehndi Artist.

Sukh & Mindy Photography -

I would absolutely always recommend Kiran as a truly professional, creative Mehndi Artist. She always delivers style and imagination with a beautiful manner, she is fun and you will always be impressed. Having had Kiran do my mehndi for my sisters wedding a couple of weeks ago and also having had it done from her very recently I can hand on heart say that she only uses the freshest mehndi which will last for weeks your event.

Naveeda Make-up Artist -

I have worked with Kiran at several weddings. Kiran is an amazing Mehndi Artist, I have done many clients with her and they are always thrilled to have her as their Mehndi Artist. Kiran always goes that extra mile for her brides and her mehndi is more like art than traditional mehndi and her passion for her work really shows.

Sati Takhar Fashion Designer -

I am a big fan of Kiran’s work. She is an inspirational artiste in mehndi! I highly recommend Kiran to all of my brides. Her work is neat and full of detail and each design is original and fresh! I truly wish her every success... This girl will go far with the work she creates.

Gini Bhogal Make-up Artist -

Kirans work really does speak for itself! I have had the pleasure of working alongside her at wedding events and she is excellent! She has a sharp eye for detail and accuracy and adopts a very fresh, unique and artistic style in her Mehndi. Her speed in her work is fantastic and never compromises the quality of her work, which is a great asset... I would definitely recommend Kiran!

Rashpal Bhachu -

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the hard work you put in on my mehndi night! As you know, I was really struggling to find a mehndi artist who was up to scratch for my friends and family. Thank God Gini recommended you as you were amazing! I’m a complete perfectionist and I have to say your designs are stunning and you definitely lived up to my expectations. :o) We are excited to now have you on our approved list of suppliers and looking forward to working with you more and more in the future with Amore brides.

Urvashi Khandari -

I have only great things to say about Kiran Sahib, her work has inspired me greatly over the years and I have to note that she is one of the most talented henna artists I know and has a reputation to match. Not only has her sublime henna inspired myself she has also provided me with great support and encouragement. Thank you Kiran for your support. professionalism and the valuable guidance you have given me. Your creativity has not only inspired me but many other artists in the UK and all over the world. Any bride would be lucky to have you adorn their hands.

Ravita Pannu Henna & Make-up Artiste -

I just want to say Kiran Sahib, is truely (a) a great inspiration and (b) a lovely person to work with and get to know. She doesn’t gloat or boast and has definitley taught me lots i didn’t know. Thanks to you Kiran I am so more confident in my henna career. All your training has paid off! God bless

Shabs Mehndi Artist

One of the UK’s finest! Kiran Sahib Mehndi Artist’s work is simply AMAZING! Beautiful Indian, Arabic and modern contemporary henna for your special day.

Saleem Bagasrawalla Photographer & Videographer -

This lady is the "Queen of Mehndi"! Her work is the most immaculate work around and she’s a lovely person too which makes having her doing your bridal henna even more worth it. A true inspiration to our work.

Preeti Jutle -

True artists do not get enough recognition... gotta love Kiran Sahib Mehndi Artist... true talent and her very own style...

Priya Grewal -

Hi Kiran!! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU so much for everything over the weekend. I learnt so much and really enjoyed it. I’ve got some pictures to e-mail you this week of what I did on my mum and also some stuff I did on the templates you gave me as well. I’ve been so inspired that i’ve had a cone almost surgically attached to my hand since you left me on Sunday afternoon, I’m actually sitting on the train as I write this practicing rolling cones. Thanks once again for your patience and for helping me to understand what makes a good design. I’m so grateful and feel very blessed that you took the time to teach me.

Harpreet Dibra - Birmingham - Love Mehndi Workshop & Masterclass - November 2011

Hey Kiran! Just been remembering the mehndi you did on my hands and feet when I was getting married. Everyone loved it so much, especially me! The colour was so dark, near to black almost, I was amazed! The traditional and intricate design was absolutely beautiful and it stayed on for over a month. When it finally faded away I couldn’t help but feel a little sad. Just want to say thank you so much all over again! xxxx

Tayba Dalvi - Leytonstone - East London

Lovely Kiran! Im back from my honeymoon and am officially looking like a very dark version of my original self! We went to Dubai and the Maldives and I had the most amazing time. It was soo sad as the mehndi began to fade away in week 2, however I had tanned soo much at that point, that I now have the mehndi design coming through my tan like tan not all lost just yet! I just wanted to take this oppotunity to say a porper thank you to you and Hina for an amazing job! It was a mean feat and you guys were the best and extremely patient with an ailing bride and did the most spectacular designs, everyone was in awe on the day, and I was amazed at how the mehndi just kept getting darker and darker. It was lovely to work with you both and I look forward to having a family wedding so I have once again be inked by Kiran! Once again thank you soo much and lots of love Rupa xx

Rupa Zala - Leicester

Hi Kiran! Thank you for my amazing mehndi! It went black! It exceeded my expectations, I guess my mother in-law loves me lots!

Neetam Bhachu - Harrow

Well if I didn’t say it before, I have to thank you for doing such a great job with my Mehndi. I was sad to see it all washed off in the sea in the Maldives on our honeymoon! Thanks again Kiran!

Tanvir Dhanoa - South Woodford, East London

Hi Kiran, I was looking for your address, I wanted to send you a thank you card for the Mehndi you did on me. My wedding was 20th May 2007. Thank you so much for the hard work and also for the glitter and crystals you applied the night before the wedding. I got so many compliments and have passed on the cards you gave me to my friends and family. The crystals and glitter lasted well into the honeymoon and people and Miami and the Bahamas were so interested and intrigued by it all. I got stopped in the street quite a few times and the people are so friendly there! Thank you once again! My sister will be getting married soon so I will see you then ok?

Gurminder - Ilford, Essex

Hey Kiran! Wow, what can I say? I LOVED my henna! You were a big hit with my family from Dallas and Texas too they loved your style of hennaing and had never seen anything like it before. I’ll be coming to see you for Navratri and Diwali soon!!

Nisha Patel - Harrow

Hi Kiran, just a quick message to say thanks for coming to Birmingham at such short notice to do my bridal mehndi last week. The mehndi was a really stunning fusion of traditional and modern designs and turned a gorgeous reddy-brown by Friday. I’m still following your advice on how to look after my stain. We’ll be off on honeymoon next week and I’m hoping that I’ll still have some left by then. I look forward to seeing you at Meena’s Mehndi party in the Summer.

Jasmeet Sohanpal - Edgbaston, Birmingham

Kiran Sahib did a fantastic job! Thank you sooooo much!!!!xxxx You came all the way from London for me really early in the morning and did such a gorgeous job.... Absolutely everyone loved and complimented it!!

Sonia K Sagoo - Birmingham

Kiran Sahib.... You are awesome! I hope you enjoyed doing my mehndi as much as I enjoyed having it applied!

Sarah Janjua - Ilford, Essex

Bill’s Mehndi looks amazing! You did a fantastic job, best mehndi I have seen in a long time!

Krishna Chauhan - London

Kiran, I was so impressed with my bridal mehndi. I was extra careful with it as advised and the colour was fantastic on my wedding day! I can’t wait to get my wedding pictures back so that I can see it all over again!

Reema Patel - Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham

I’ve been shouting about your work from the rooftops Kiran! Thank you so much for cramming me in last year. You did the best mehndi I’ve ever seen and everyone loved the design and couldn’t believe how neat and intricate it was. I wish I lived nearer to you, I’d be coming to have it done every few months! Big hugs from Manchester!

Gauri Sharma - Heaton Park, Manchester

Hi Kiran! Thank you for my amazing mehndi! It went black! It exceeded my expectations, I guess my mother in-law loves me lots!

Neetam Bhachu - Harrow

Love your mendhi designs, brilliant work. Passed your number on to another friend last week, told her that I would totally recommend you. Did a fab job on me and my sister xx

Hermeet Virdi - Ilford, Essex

Kiran, I wanted to thank you for being such an inspirational and patient teacher. I was like a sponge soaking up all of the information you shared with me in class this weekend. I know it will take me a long time to be as good as you are with a mehndi cone but doing this course with you has given me a new direction and in a few years time I will hopefully be able to shed my corporate shackles and become a full time Make-up and Mehndi Artist. God Bless you Kiran Sahib.

Dee Khumber - West London - Love Mehndi Masterclass