Kiran Sahib is an internationally recognised Henna artist who is both highly creative and inspirationally unique. She takes great pleasure in creating innovative and visually stunning Henna designs for her clients.

With over 9 years of experience in the henna industry and a background in art, Kiran is seriously passionate about Henna and it shows in her work. Known for her distinctive, clean, flowing and contemporary designs she is heavily influenced by Indian and Arabic art. As well a cultural influence her designs also incorporate images from nature, including flowers, leaves and birds.

In 2007 Kiran released her first book, Love Mehndi which included her Henna designs. Since its release it has sold all over the world and her designs are now copied by Henna Artists everywhere.

Having your Henna done in preparation for your wedding is a beautiful, emotional, exciting and important experience. Kiran understands how each and every Bride feels in the run up to the biggest day of her life and her friendly approach is guaranteed to make each Bride feel at ease and comfortable in her presence. She allows them to express exactly what they want from their Bridal henna, choosing Kiran for your special day is guaranteed to be one of the best decisions you’ll make for your wedding.